Silver 724 Thermostat

American Standard Heating & Cooling ProductTemperature control you can trust to make your home comfortable.
  • Easy installation: Enjoy an easy installation after purchasing the Silver 724. This thermostat can quickly and efficiently be installed almost anywhere in your home, and once it's turned on, setup only takes a few clicks.
  • Scheduling capabilities: Program your temperature schedule exactly how you want it with the scheduling capabilities on the Silver 724 thermostat. Capabilities include temperature scheduling for seven days a week.
  • Seamless remote controls: Remote control capabilities on the Silver 724 thermostat allow you to make your home an oasis without even touching your thermostat. Simply use the remote control from anywhere in your home and enjoy the benefits of warm or cool air when you need it.
  • Digital touchscreen: Experience a large touchscreen on this thermostat that makes it easy to see and easy to use all year long. Controls are simple and work efficiently to get you the temperature you desire.
  • Cooling Stages: 2
  • Heating Stages: 4
  • Smart Thermostat: Yes
  • Screen: 4.3" color touchscreen
  • Diagnostics: Yes
  • Programmable: Yes